Engravings and Cutouts

Wood Ornaments

Wood ornaments can be custom ordered for any occasion. Personalize for the holidays, your home decor, special gift, and as a keepsake.

Designs can include images, names, messages, and creative graphics.

Custom Pieces

Custom pieces include wedding gifts, celebrations, memories, milestones, and more. You and I are only limited by our imagination. Many of my examples below showcase creations that came from brainstorming sessions with the client.

Let me help you create that special something.

Decorative Cutouts

Cutouts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From wall decor and bookmarks to jewelry and puzzles. Cutouts provide opportunities for creative designs that are different from engraving. A one-dimensional cutout or multi-layered cutouts are available.

Examples of various engraved gifts and cutout designs.

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